Summer greetings

Before the start of the summer holiday, I have a habit of reflecting what has happened during the year, what is to come and especially what I can be thankful for. Intrestingly, I think this reflection also serves a purpose: It makes me see, that I have done enough and maybe more, and it is time to let go for a while and focus on holiday.  There are always inspiring work and study to do, but it is really important to take the time for a holiday, listen to oneself, what kind of vacation brings genuine joy and recovery, and to be honest with one self and  loved ones about it.

July 2, 2021

When the Covid-19 started, many group trainings were initially cancelled but luckily customers wanted to move the coaching and training online, and eventually my company True Potential reached its best year both in terms of turnover and result. One factor behind this was the time saved from travelling for work. During the last year, customers I have worked with eg. VTT, Andritz, THL, HSL, Governia and PVO, as well as numerous coaching processes mainly with executives, but also done some career coaching. The development program for highest officials in the public sector organized by HAUS, came to an end for me. In this project, I have had the privilege during the last three years to coach individually more than 50 highest officials in the ministries, public agencies and cities in Finland. Next autumn looks pretty good in terms of work, and I look forward to training and coaching also groups and teams also face-to-face, which is exiting after only doing work online. Coaching processes for management teams and individual executives and mainly leadership training programs for groups are coming up. If you are interested in unleashing more of the true potential of yourself or the people in your organisation, take a look at the services here: and let's think the right approach for your organisation.

At the beginning of the year, my long- time dream came true, and I began my studies in the Doctoral Programme in Psychology at the University of Jyväskylä, and during the first six months I have done advanced courses in neuropsychology, personality psychology, occupational psychology and clinical psychology. It has been rewarding to reflect on recent research findings on these topics into one's own practical experiences, and notice how the learning is so much deeper than when studying in my 20's. In the autumn I will begin my PhD research, for which I will also look for research participants. Cooperation with few international universities has also strengthened. In addition to the coaching collaboration that has been going on for some time, at the end of last year, I started as Adjunct Faculty at Ashridge Hult Executive Education, which is one of the most global business schools in the world.  I-System Master Coach program for coaches which is done in collaboration with the Utah State University and Keijo Halinen, will hopefully start this year. In addition, I started Coaching Supervision studies at Oxford Brookes University, and so I am increasingly offering my services to professional coaches as well.

There are a few interesting open events coming up during the summer months:

- The International Enneagram Association's global virtual conference will be held from July 16-18, with a staggering selection of the world's leading enneagram experts. I am also honored to be one of the speakers at the conference on the theme: The enneagram, mind-body bridging and coaching in the development of resilience (pre-recorded). For a limited time, you will get access to conference recordings. More information.

- I am an ambassador of the global Coaching Science Community of Practice of the International Coaching Federation, and we will have extremely interesting webinar coming up on 28 July at 4 p.m. EEST. Indonesian researcher Lyra Puspa will talk about: The Neurobiological Evidence of Coaching Impact. Sign-up here. During the autumn we will have two more webinars coming up in the end of the year with coaching psychology professors Reinhard Stelter and Tatiana Bachkirova.

- Introduction to Mind-BodyBridging (MBB) on the 30th of August at 5.00-8.00 pm EEST. MBB is aresearch-based, efficient and easy-to-use method for stress management and developing resilience. (language English). This is done together with Keijo Halinen, Florire. For more information.

Well, that's about work and studies, and now my summer vacation is starting. For me nothing brings as much summer vibe and joy in the summer as my hobby. Before my children were born, I played actively volleyball and beach volley ball, and when I started to expect our first-born for nearly 17,5 years ago, I stopped both hobbies. The birth of a little sister two years after that and the demanding jobs with travels, made it impossible to even think about having a regular hobby. That was the right decision at the time. Now that they are already big, I restarted just over a year and a half ago beach volley in the indoor hall, initially weekly and now, starting in late spring, several times a week. I've never been at the top of this sport, and I won't become one when I am middle-aged, but it's nice to notice small developments, although it is annoying to notice how skills can vary by day. Along with my nice training buddies, I have enjoyed several times a week top coaching by Karin Lundqvist, a Swedish and internationally successful top player. Focusing fully on the game/training otherwise it will show in the game immediately. In beachvolley, it's that combination of tough physical sport which requires psychic and strategic thinking that fascinate me and will provide never-ending challenges. After being a psychic coach for junior athletes in mainly cheerleading, it's interesting to test the same doctrines for my own psychic game, how to maintain focus, get the best out of yourself and quickly get over the failures that inevitably come in this game. Next week I will start my holiday and at least there will be family holidays on the boat and, of course, beach volley trainings and tournaments. It's wonderful that after a tight work calendar, there's also plenty of room for just being, and do what you feel inspired to do.

I would like to wish all my customers, partners and everyone a very relaxing and wonderful summer and beautiful moments doing the things you enjoy or just being.

"Take a deep breath and feel the your breath in your lungs, sense the odors of summer, feel a fresh breeze and the warmth of the sun on your skin, hear the sounds of nature and notice all the beautiful things you see around you. Sense them with all of your cells. Feel grateful to enjoy all this. Right now, everything's fine, and that's enough."