Do you want to unleash your and your team’s true potential?

Sustainable transformation starts by becoming aware of and challenging our patterns of thinking and feeling as well as beliefs that often drive us like an autopilot. Good self-awareness, changing our mindset and understanding different worldviews are essential in order to successfully lead and unleash the potential of ourselves and others.


Executive & Leadership Coaching

Are you looking for an impactful way to develop your leadership to a new level? Are you willing to develop your self-awareness, explore who you as a person and leader, what do you want, and how to release your true potential for the benefit of you and your organisation. Executive and leadership coaching is a goal oriented, impactful and individualised process, where you will have 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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Unleash your leadership team's potential

How well does your team function? Do you use individual strengths for the benefit of the team’s purpose and goals? Do you trust one another? The dynamic of the team either support or impede the team’s ability to perform at its best. Develop into high performance team requires work, and we are support your team to become a high-performance team.

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Develop emotional intelligence with the enneagram

Emotional intelligence is the biggest predictor of success. The Enneagram personality system with other tools and approaches offer an impactful way to develop emotional and social intelligence. Try out True Potential’s high impact and fun training programme for groups.

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Overcome stress, build your resilience and unleash your true potential

Our volatile, ambiguous, fast-paced, often limitless work life demands us to take the lead of our own wellbeing and balance.  Would you like find easy-to-use, effective tools to help you manage your stress levels and get the best out of yourself when facing challenging situations? True Potential offers wellbeing workshops and group coaching processes using Mind-Body Bridging and NLP, as well other effective tools and approaches.

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Sari Vuohtoniemi got the highest credential of professional coaching Master Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation

In August, 2020 True Potential coach and founder Sari Vuohtoniemi got the highest credential of professional coaching from International coahcing fedearation.
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The Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook launch on the May 8th!

"Coaching science develops coaching practice and vice a versa. What a privilege it has been to be part of this ambitious project and write a chapter to this book" , says Sari Vuohtoniemi.
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Christmas greetings

Christmas greetings from new office!
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