Client experiences

“The individual coaching process with Sari was the best leadership development program I have ever during my long international career as a senior executive attended. Sari coached me to find totally new sides of myself and to develop my models of thinking and behaving. The personal coaching process was so great and I wanted my international management team to experience, at least partly, the same. The common training day crowned it all - with the help of Sari and the Enneagram, we learned together as a management team to recognize different ways to cooperate and communicate our strengths and development possibilities as a team. Our work as a management team is now much more efficient and enjoyable. It’s good to go on together from here. I warmly recommend this to anyone!” Merja Kannisto, Senior Excecutive, Nordea

"Sari Vuohtoniemi acted professionally and with high quality as my coach. I got a lot out of only three sessions with her. I can warmly recommend her to anyone working in senior leadership positions." Marjukka Turunen, Director, Kela (public organisation)

“As an executive I got a lot with an individual coaching process with Sari. Especially clarifying my own role, developing my ability to reflect myself, and how to interact and also becoming a better human being. Working with Sari has focused on the right things agreed together. It has also been great that we agreed on how to measure the development, so I have been able to see the results also numerically. The impact of the coaching is expected to be seen in the business results in the future as well." Senior Executive, International company.

“Sari is a great coach and real professional in leadership area. Her positive energy and way of focusing on crucial matters makes the difference. She is also a master to help people to find their potential via coaching, enneagram etc. I can warmly recommend Sari as a professional coach and leadership consultant.” Eija Nillsson-Ollandt, Director, Nordea

”Based on my experience of the coaching process with Sari Vuohtoniemi I can guarantee that she is a real professional and a great coach.” Senior Leader, Public organisation

“Sari is a real professional in leadership development and she has a rare ability to meet different kind of people and go to the core of things. I was looking for a coach who does not get from the hook easily and that really happened with Sari”. Leader, public organisation.

“You can see Sari knows what she's talking about. Sari adds and points out some points you were not thinking yet and you can't help but start to think what she just said. I really like it. I really spend a lot of time to think my actions through but Sari added some think-outside-the-box spice in it.” Leader, International company

"Collaboration with Sari was flexible and enjoyable, and I really felt she was there for me. After three coaching-sessions with Sari resulted with immediate and long-term benefits. The skilful coach helped me easily to come up with new insights. Coaching with Sari created a clear direction to my leadership as well as tools for day to day practice as a leader." Executive, International Company

“Sari is a flexible Senior Leadership Consultant. I have seen her working with leaders many levels in the organization with great result. She has contributed in the training of our leaders in longer programmes as well as coaching on individual level always a smile on her face.” Stefan Klingsbo, Manager, Leadership Development, Nordea

I am pleased to recommend Sari – 3 words, she is a PROFESSIONAL HUMAN EXPERT. She creates a good process – feeling & innovation. She knows the issue for sure – knowledge. She has the competence to use the map – you will be where you want to be at the right time. Peter Kanerva, Managing Director, J-Mac-JTO Finland.

“Sari supported me to get to know myself better. During our coaching-sessions I learned to challenge actively my own thoughts and routines. By jumping courageously to the world that coach opens for you, you will for sure make new observations of your own basic assumptions, expectations and needs. In a complex world there are amazingly many simple solutions, if you only learn to see them through all external and internal expectations. I warmly recommend Sari as a coach to anyone who wants to utilize his potential more efficiently.” Director, Nordea

"When developing people Sari brings three gifts to the table: her tremendous experience, her ecclectic, complex and deep portfolio of human potential transformation tools, and a heart that is bigger than world. She genuinely cares that people feel safe, seen and supported during common work. I had the honor of being Sari's coachee and mentee in a complex development program with the Enneagram. When starting this program I was looking for help to see the unseen - the layers of personality that we can only see properly in the light of  more mature company. Sari was able to gain my trust, help me to relax and accompany me there where my topics would take me, from  important experiences in the past to hope in a positive change in the future. She mixed with grace various tools, tactics and approaches to let me feel that she
was always there - never imposing, carefully holding, gracefully mirroring, yet
describing most articulatedly what she perceived as being the keys to my
transformation processes. Each session led me to a deeper, more colorful
insight about myself. As always, our journey of growth is our responsibility.
But having someone like Sari in your corner on this journey makes a world of a
difference. Our sessions took place only remotely. I would recommend Sari with trust for any people potential development initiatives, individual or corporate. You are in good hands and you will be somewhere else when Sari is done with you." Cristina Muntean, founder, Media Education CEE, Prague.

“Sari is very strong professional in leadership development, which showed in my coaching process. She has a rare ability to meet different kind of people and go to the core ofthings. I was looking for a coach who does not get from the hook easily and that really happened with Sari”. Senior Leader, public organisation.

”Working with Sari has offered me very valuable insights about my own thinking and action patterns and helped me to recognize my strengths and development areas as a leader. The coaching process has offered very good and easy to use tools for different leadership situations. I have been able to easily use the insights and tools in my daily work life after the coaching-process.” Senior Leader, public organisation

"Excellent coaching process with Sari. Already with 3 sessions I got with one big topic I made a huge step further. It’sgreat that I had the opportunity to have in depth and trustworthy discussions about myself and my situation.  Sari is an excellent coach! "Senior Leader, Public Organisation

"It was easy to talk with Sari and she really makes you think things from a new perspective. We used eg. Mind-Body Bridging-technique which worked very well. I also did the exercises on my own time. I realised that my problems are not that big as I thought them to be. I got a lot out of our talks and realised that with some things I am a prisoner of my own thinking." Senior Leader, public organisation.

“Sari was amazing! Such a positive person who was easy to approach and let all of us be ourselves and have discussion that was very comfortable in a safe environment”. Leader, International Company

“Sari is an extraordinary coach and coaching skills and leadership trainer. She is solution-focused, strongly present and has extraordinary coaching skills, which make her a very professional partner to any change process. I recommend Sari to any kind of coaching, leadership development and training needs.” Jussi Ala-Könni, Manager, Nordea. 

“Sari is a great and the best professional coach I know. She supported me to process myself and my challenges in a profound and integrated way, which helped me to find solutions, overcome my challenges and achieve my goals.” Manager, Nordea.

“I had the pleasure to attend in Sari’s leadership training and also had two individual coaching sessions with her. Sari’s goal oriented, energetic and empathetic way to coach is convincing. Her strengths are her true willingness to help to find the people’s potential, her strengths and concrete goals in applying these in real life. I warmly recommend Sari! Manager, Nordea

“After Sari’s individualized and very professional way of coaching, you will no longer copy others, but you find your own way to differentiate yourself positively.”  Director, Nordea