True Potential’s mission is to
support and challenge individuals, teams and organizations, to use their strengths and diversity whilst removing boundaries to unleash their
true potential.

True Potential is an experienced and trustworthy partner in transformation. We combine high-impact approaches, tools and theories, with hands-on practice to take you and your people to the next level through our tailored development programmes designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

True Potential’s mission is to support and challenge individuals, teams and organisations, to develop their strengths and value their diversity whilst removing boundaries to unleash their true potential.

We believe in the inherent power of the human being, and the hidden potential in each individual, as well as the team and organisation.

True Potential’s core values are partnership with integrity, profound impact and courageously passionate.

Partnership with integrity - We build trustworthy partnerships with our clients to co-create transformation and strive to work with high integrity.

Profound impact – We are committed to finding the best approaches and processes to suit your needs, and want to make sure that everything we do makes a positive difference to people and organisations and the world.  

Courageously passionate – With courage we always pursue what we see as being beneficial for our clients, which often means challenging the status quo and habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting. We encourage our clients to courageously find and stand up for what they want. Finding passion creates clarity and energy to move to the right direction. We are passionate about our work.

True Potential was first founded in 2012 and operated until 2014, when True Potential's founder Sari Vuohtoniemi was employed as a CEO for another leadership consultancy company. She resigned this job in February 2018. In November 2018, True Potential restarted its operations.

Company No 2494440-1.

Member of Finland's Entrepreneurs (Suomen Yrittäjät)

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