Do you seek sustainable and profound results when developing your people?

True Potential is an experienced and trustworthy partner in transformation, combining flexibly impactful approaches, tools and theories as well as hands on practice to take you and your people to the next level through a tailored development process that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Sustainable transformation starts by becoming aware of and challenging our patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that often drive us like an autopilot. Good self-awareness, changing our mindset and understanding different worldviews is a basis for successfully leading and unleashing the potential of ourselves and others.

We always tailor-made all the development processes according to our client’s needs. However, you will find below our most popular services.

Individual Coaching for Executives, Leaders and Professionals

When you want to get specific results and a development path designed just for you and time spent for development is limited, an individually targeted coaching process will bring results to maximize focus on both urgent needs and long-term goals. Coaching is a creative process that will inspire for new insights and support you releasing your personal and professional potential.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence with the Enneagram

Research proves that emotional intelligence (EI) is one of the best predictors of success. EI is the ability to understand, accept and lead yourself and to interact effectively with different people. The Enneagram is a effective tool to develop one's emotional intelligence.

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Unlock your team’s true potential - Leadership Team coaching

How well does your team co-operate? How does your team use personal differences and individual strengths? How well does your team members trust one another?

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Overcome stress, build you resilience and learn to use your best brain power

MBB is a branch of mind-body medicine, based on neuroscience research, among others. It has been developed for over a decade by Stanley H. Block, MD, adjunct professor for the Utah School of Medicine together with other researchers.

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Coaching leadership and building a coaching culture

Would you like to create more engagement, motivation and self-intiative and drive around you? Would you like to know how to support releasing true potential of people for the benefit of a person herself and an organisation? 

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Mentor coaching for the coaches pursuing or updating ICF certification

Mentor coaching process is for professional coaches who want to develop as a coach and are pursuing or updating their accreditation with International Coaching Federation. True Potential offers Mentor Coaching for individual coaches as well as groups.

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