Coaching Science Practitioner's Handbook

The Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook shows you the inside workings of a research project through the eyes of the coaches who experience it.

May 1, 2020

The Coaching Science Research Guide for Practitioners is an ambitious book. It aims to exponentially expand the science of coaching by guiding and encouraging coaching practitioners to do research in their private practices and within organizations. The book is based on a comprehensive PhD research project that looked into coaching presence and provides the tools and know-how that ignites the desire for scientific contribution and collaboration in coaching. It also offers a real-world application highlighting the research experiences of coaches, clients, the researcher, the marketing and branding specialist, the IT specialist as well as the director of the part-time PhD programme the researcher has been on with her scientific work.

This book is co-authored by Tünde Erdös and Angelis Iglesias and Sari Vuohtoniemi from True Potential along with one of her executive clients wrote a chapter on her experiences, reflections and learning as a coach in a coaching research project. Sari was one of the coaches selected from 150 coaches that took part in the Coaching Presence Research by Tünde Erdös, MSc., MCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner, Ph.D., a future landmark study for many disciplines and certainly for coaching, learning, and development.

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