Leader in self-managing organisation- Are you interested in growing as a leader and participating in a coaching process and research?

Are you a leader in an organisation pursuing self-management and want to grow as a leader and a human being? You might be interested in a coaching process with an experienced executive coach and at the same time participating in a PhD research. Fredric Laloux writes in his book Reinventing Organizations (2014) that new kind of worldview, belief systems and consciousness is needed to strengthen self-management in organisations. With the help of coaching one develop self-awareness, clarify ones leadership identity and get support in this transition supporting the growth as a leader and human being in self-managing organisation.

December 19, 2022

Sari Vuohtoniemi has 15 years of experience as a professional leadership and executive coach and 20 + years of experience in leadership development along with own executive, leadership and experts roles in international start-ups and large organisations. She works as an executive and team transformation coach and leadership developer especially in organisations that are pursuing for strengthening self-management. More about Sari

Client experiences of Sari

If you choose to participate in PhD research it requires pre- and post interviews and questionnaires as well as responding to short questionnaires after each coaching session. Participating in research along with the coaching process, gives an opportunity to deepen reflection of ones learning and growth.

Participation in the research will reduce the regular price of the coaching process. You may stop your participation in the research and coaching process anytime.

Book the time for discussing more about your possibilities to participate in coaching process along with research with Sari. You may also send message to sari.vuohtoniemi@truepotential.fi.