Coaching leadership and  coaching culture development

Would you like to increase the engagement, motivation, initiative and drive around you? Would you like to know how to release the true potential in people for the benefit of an individual and the organisation?

There is significant research-based evidence proving that leaders who are effective at coaching their people achieve superior business results. From clarifying goals, following up, prioritising work and finding creative approaches to challenges, a coaching approach is proven to be highly effective.

Coaching leadership is an attitude and state of mind, where the leader supports people in their daily work challenges and development to achieve their goals. This means a switch from giving answers to asking questions, increasing your people’s self-awareness, developing new insights and taking personal responsibility. Even when ambition levels are set high, people can take on challenging tasks and step beyond their comfort zones when they are supported by coaching. Supporting learning by doing, coaching is a very cost-effective and beneficial way of developing people.

Sari Vuohtoniemi has extensive experience as a leadership and executive coach, as well as experience of running leadership coaching programs in various organisations, designing coaching programmes and running workshops over the past 15 years as well as practicing coaching leadership as a leader. At Nordea Sari was internally responsible for building the organisational coaching culture, supporting hundreds of leaders to apply this coaching approach as part of their leadership. In the past years she has supported the development of coaching leadership at eg. Andritz, VTT and HSL.

With a suite of programmes and tools on offer, coaching leadership workshops are always tailor made according to the client’s needs.