Overcome stress and build you resilience

Are you interested in learning a neuro-scientifically proven tools that help you to deal with stress, build your resilience and use your brain in the best possible way? True Potential offers BrainID® and Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) tools to support you to develop these.

Watch a video and try out a basic MBB exercise with Sari Vuohtoniemi.

BrainID® service consists of the BrainMindAudit®profile and mentoring session together with a certified BrainID®Mentor Sari Vuohtoniemi. BrainMindAudit®-profile is based on an innovation developed on qEEG-measurement. It reveals objective and accurate information about our brain in a manner that was not possible to access before. The profile is not medical information but  a functional description of our brain’s cognitive and emotional level. It is meant for healthy adults who want to learn about their brain’s functionality. It provides very trustworthy and objective information about the brain compared with the information that is possible to acquire by asking, assessing or observing.

BrainMindAudit® is a functional measurement that shows the status of baseline (trait) characteristics of the brain and mind activity, as well as the cognitive and emotional functioning of the brain. It shows the brain’s traits regarding internal- external attention, emotional-motivational tendency (positivity-negativity bias), sociability, anxiety tendency as well as stress resistance and recovery, vigilance, speed of cognitive and memory performance.(Please see the sample report in the next page)

During the Brain ID® session the results are discussed and if some of the markers are not at the optimal level, we will plan together actions and exercises to support the client to reach the optimal level. After 4 months a retest can be done to see how the changes are visible in the brain.

True Potential uses also Mind-Body Bridging (MBB) tools and exercises as one of the few coaching companies in the world. MBB is a branch of mind-body medicine, based on neuroscience research, among others. Developed  by Stanley H. Block, MD, adjunct professor for the Utah School of Medicine, MBB offers clinically-proven techniques which help you to learn to change your brain’s usual reaction to stress so you can think and perform at your best.

The tool consists of mindfulness techniques combined with cognitive maps for dissolving stress in the moment, so that body and mind can function at its best.  MBB tools help us to access “the natural functioning mode” of our brain and our internal resources so that we can use our full potential and creativity. The tools have also been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia associated with stress etc. It is also applicable for more severe challenges, such as PTSD and addictions.

The mind is like water. When it is turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear. (Prasad Mahes)