Leadership team coaching

How well does your team co-operate? How do you as a team use your personal differences and individual strengths for the benefit of the team's purpose and goals? Do you trust one another?

There is always hidden dynamics in teams that may impede it's ability to perform at its best. Combined with coaching and other tools and approaches, True Potential applies the Enneagram model and Integrative Enneagram Solutions comprehensive team diagnostic tool, providing an extensive report to reveal the dynamics, strengths and potential pitfalls existing in teams and support teams to develop to a truly new level. Team coaching is tailored for leadership teams and expert teams who want to grow into a high-performing team

You will get surprised that you can combine great fun, and deep impact at the same time, building your team trust and capability to use the full potential of the team.

"With the help of Sari and the Enneagram, we learned together as a management team to recognize different ways to cooperate and communicate our strengths and development possibilities as a team. Our work as a management team is now much more efficient and enjoyable. It’s good to go on together from here. I warmly recommend this to anyone!”

Merja Kannisto, Senior Executive, Nordea