Leadership team coaching

How well does your team co-operate? How do you as a team use your personal differences and individual strengths for the benefit of the team's purpose and goals? Do you trust one another?

There is always hidden dynamics in teams that may impede it's ability to perform at its best. Combined with coaching and other tools and approaches, True Potential applies the Enneagram model and Integrative Enneagram Solutions comprehensive team diagnostic tool, providing an extensive report to reveal the dynamics, strengths and potential pitfalls existing in teams and support teams to develop to a truly new level. Team coaching is tailored for leadership teams and expert teams who want to grow into a high-performing team

You will get surprised that you can combine great fun, and deep impact at the same time, building your team trust and capability to use the full potential of the team.

“Sari has coached several of our management teams to develop as a high-performing team starting from our global top management team and including eg. clarifying purpose of the team, building trust, developing team dynamics and using the different natural personality strengths using the enneagram. With her broad experience in the leadership area, Sari has been able to get the buy-in of our leaders and all sessions have been perceived extremely positively. We continue our cooperation with Sari and True Potential also in the future, and we are convinced of the contribution to the success of the business of these initiatives” Tommi Voutilainen, Senior Vice President and Stephanie Reithofer, HR Business Partner, ANDRITZ Group

“Thanks to the development process, we’ve stepped up as a management team. Nowadays our purpose and role as a management team is clear, we talk less about our functions and departments, and people are more aligned and committed to working as a team. We have open discussions about sensitive topics. We got to know ourselves and team mates better and have strengthened our working relationships and team dynamics. Our trust, spirit and commitment in the team have developed a lot by going through the process. Sari Vuohtoniemi and Elina Ämmälä were very professional and knowledgeable of coaching our team to grow.  The journey never stops and new team members who are joining along the way are adding new perspectives and energy. We will continue to work on our development and follow through on the ideas developed together with Sari and Elina!” Henrik Albrektson, General Manager, Parker Hannifin Sales Company Nordic.