Nordic Enneagram Confrence 27th-29th of May, 2022 in Stockholm Sweden

I am happy to present at the Nordic Enneagram Conference with the topic "Growing towards wholeness and human touch with the enneagram in self-managing organisations. The enneagram has a lot to give in any organisation that wants to support their people in grow as human beings, leaders and professionals.

March 25, 2022

The amount of organizations that are decentralizing authority and striving to strengthen self-management is increasing. In addition to organizational development, it requires vertical growth as human beings from everyone but especially from leaders.The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the power of the enneagram in increasing authenticity, appreciation of diversity, growing as human beings and unlocking more potential of people and teams in organisations based on self-management.The enneagram is an accurate map for how we all distract ourselves from using our true potential. The enneagram also offers valuable insights of how different enneagram styles might experience this transition, and in this workshop, the audience is invited to explore this together. I will also share my own professional experiences of leadership, executive and personnel development and coaching programs using the enneagram. You are also guided through a neuro-scientifically based exercise to access more of your natural resources.

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Hope to see you in Stockholm!