Sari Vuohtoniemi got the highest credential of professional coaching Master Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation

In August, 2020 True Potential coach and founder Sari Vuohtoniemi got the highest credential of professional coaching from International coahcing fedearation.

September 26, 2020

Sari's comments about her achievement: "I am proud to be part of the community that requires its members to commit to ethical guidelines, core competencies and constant development."The feedback from the assessor on her "STRENGTHS: Coach is confident in self, process, and her client as a full partner in their relationship. Coach has a sense of complete ease and naturalness in the conversation and never works to coach. Coach created a safe, supportive environment that produced ongoing mutual respect and trust. She held her client in unconditional positive regard. Powerful Questioning: Coach asked clear, direct questions that led to new insights by client and moved client forward. Coach's questions helped her client create the future rather than focus on, and accept, present dilemmas. AREAS OF DEVELOPMENT: Focus on helping client determine her own methods of accountability a bit more than client does at present and work with her on how to be fully accountable."

I am grateful for my all my clients, teachers, mentor coaches and fellow coaches with whom I have had privilege to grow with during the years. Growing as a #coach is growing as a human being. #coaching